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Best Roofers in Cincinnati

We have a reputation of quality work

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Best Roofers in Cincinnati

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When your metal roof needs replacing or repairing, you want to make sure it’s durable, robust, and offers you and your family the protection you need. RLS Construction prides itself on providing the very best in metal roof services and repairs in the Anderson area.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing typically lasts a lot longer than other roof types, such as tile, shake, and shingle, and it means that metal is a perfect choice if you’re planning to replace your existing roof and want something that will last and keep the elements out. Other advantages of metal roofing are that it is insect resistant, won’t rot away like a wooden roof, and is fire resistant. And during those hot times of the year, you won’t need to turn on your air conditioning unit quite as often, as the sun’s heat is reflected by metal. It means saving money and energy.

We Have All Your Roofing Needs Covered

Affordable rates and the highest quality materials and workmanship are what we are known for, and regardless of your roofing needs, we invite you to talk to us. Whether your metal roof needs repairing or it’s time for an entirely new roof, we’ll do the job as quickly as possible to minimize the inconvenience to you. If you have questions, let us know, and our expert team will answer them. Our goal is to make sure that you have a positive experience when you choose RLS Construction.

Other Metal Roof Benefits

Wind, snow, and rain won’t damage your metal roof, and of course, it won’t catch fire in the event of a lightning strike or spark from a flame. Your home will look better with a properly installed metal roof, which can be customized to suit your needs and your home’s appearance. Because a metal roof lasts longer than other roofing materials, you’ll save money and time by not having to replace your roof for a while. And you’ll probably find that a metal roof adds value to your home too.

Benefits Of a Metal Roof:

  • Resistant to rain, wind, snow, and other weather extremes.
  • UV Coatings and energy-efficient.
  • Lightweight, yet durable and long-lasting.
  • 100 percent recyclable.


All work is personally supervised and inspected by Rodney Smith and we are not satisfied until you are!

Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

Some myths still persist about metal roofs, despite the fact that they have become incredibly popular with homeowners all over the country. Because metal roofs are installed with a solid sheathing, which is known as the roof deck, they are a lot quieter than you might think, and even heavy rain on your roof makes less noise than you might think. If lightning happens to strike your roof, the energy is actually dispersed, meaning that your roof is no more likely to be struck by lightning or damaged than any other roof. It’s one persistent reason why some homeowners don’t trust a metal roof, but there’s no truth in it.

The galvanized coating on today’s metal roofs is made from advanced alloys, which means your roof is rust-resistant. And of course, there is no chance that your metal roof will catch fire. Some homeowners feel that it costs more to put a metal roof on their home, and it is true that the initial cost of putting on a metal roof can be higher than with other materials. However, it will pay for itself before long, as it lasts longer and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.


We had an issue with water getting in at the seam between our garage roof where it meets with the main part of our house. The leaking happened only 2 or 3 times since the roof was installed about 10 years ago. It only seemed to happen when there was a heavy rain and wind blowing in directly from the south. The representative from the company that installed the roof several years ago could not find a problem when he inspected it.

I checked into a number of other roofing companies in our area and felt most confident in calling RLS Construction. Rodney Smith came to our house, inspected the job and determined that the company that installed the roof didn’t install step flashing at the seam between our garage roof where it meets with the main part of our house.

The job involved removing half of the aluminum siding on second floor on the south side of the house, installing the step flashing then reinstalled the siding that had been removed. The RLS crew did a good job.

The cost to do the work was not inexpensive but also not unreasonable for the amount of time and effort that the workmen expended and it appears that the problem has been remedied.

Will I call RLS Construction in the future if I have a repair or project? Absolutely! They will be my first call.

Chuck Norris

Rodney and his crew did a great job and within a tight timeline! RLS did the roof and new siding on my house. The bid was reasonable, Rodney worked directly with my insurance company. Mario and the work crew were there everyday on time and worked hard all day every day. They were respectful of my me and property and considerate too cleaning up each day. I highly recommend!

Laura Greene

Recently RLS. Construction installed a new roof, skylights and siding on our home. They worked very closely with the insurance company and thankfully handled that aspect for us! The quality of their work was great. We would highly recommend them for help with your home improvements!

Chris Berger

Awesome work and excellent service, won’t use anyone else!

John Jump

Professional, efficient and excellent work. Very satisfied!!!!!

Cindy Bashore

We contacted Ryan, with RLS, about a roof replacement. He came out to give us a free estimate the following day. After his inspection, he determined we had storm damage and advised us to contact our insurance, he even assisted us with the call to put our claim in! When our insurance adjuster came out, Ryan met him at our home and they walked the roof together. Our adjuster agreed with the storm damage and Ryan helped us to get a total replacement covered by our insurance. Ryan had his crew here by the end of the week, in order to get our roof replaced just in time for our home to hit the market and have our first showing. The crew did an excellent job with debris clean up and the new roof looks beautiful! HIGHLY RECOMMEND RLS CONSTRUCTION!!

Courtney Nelson

Outstanding workmanship
Second roof
No problems

Joe Buschur

RLS is great! They do good work with quality product. They did 2 roofs for me withing 6 months. Highly recommend them.

Ashley Scales

RLS Construction came over right away after letting them know that we had some water getting into the house. They met with my insurance and came to a resolution on what needed to be done. Roof was removed and the new one installed all in one day. Looks Great

Keith P

RLS came to the rescue for a leaky roof. Came right over and looked at the area that was leaking. Gave a quote with everything broken down. No surprises. Price was very competitive and fair. Work was done in a timely professional manner. Could not have been happier with the whole experience.

Sandy Stewart-Laine

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